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Weekly Lawn Mowing

Your yard should be a place of relaxation and enjoyment, a place to barbeque and kick back with family and friends, perhaps enjoy a margarita or two. MD LawnCare can help make that a reality for you this summer by crossing the chore of mowing your lawn off of that seemingly never ending list.

Small Lawns

Lawn is approximately two times the size of your home or less. Try your best guess, prices will be confirmed upon the first visit.

Mowing: $40

Medium Lawns

Lawn is approximately three to five times the size of your home. Try your best guess, prices will be confirmed upon the first visit.

Mowing: $40-$65

Large Lawns

Lawn is approximately six to nine times the size of your home. Try your best guess, prices will be confirmed upon the first visit.

Mowing: $60-$80

For Country Homes, or if you’re not sure about the size of your lawn, Click one of the the Buttons Below and Ask Us about Pricing!


Over time your lawn can become compacted, keeping it from growing to its full potential. Problems with nutrient absorption, water drainage and air circulation can occur. Aeration is recommended as a yearly service.



There can be a layer of dead grass which accumulates on the top layer of the lawn soil. This layer of thatch provides a hiding place for insects, and prevents water and nutrients from getting below the soil’s surface. When this layer of thatch becomes excessive, it must be removed for your lawn to continue to prosper. Our service includes de-thatching the lawn and thoroughly removing the thatch left on the surface.


Fertilizer and Seed Application

After aerating, the soil compaction has been reduced making this is a great time to add fertilizer to the lawn. This is recommended in order to achieve the best results. Over seeding at this time also helps to thicken the lawn which is an effective way to choke out weeds before they have an opportunity to take over.



Spring & Fall Yard Clean-up

Opt to include yard clean-ups in your maintenance schedule this season. Keeping your yard free of debris in the critical points of its development (spring and fall) will help to ensure your lawn stays healthy and your neighbors are happy.

Hedge Trimming

Keep your property looking great this season by adding professional hedge trimming service to your service bundle. Our experienced staff have all of the tools to get those unruly hedges looking sharp

Flower Bed Maintenance

Whether your flower beds are in need of a complete overhaul or just of periodic weeding, we have a solution for you. Our maintenance professionals can’t stand the sight of weeds and nothing would give them more pleasure than to pluck them from the earth one by one.


Entire property and Estate clean outs
Dump runs
Junk removal
Entire property and Estate clean outs